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Sometimes i think i should have noticed this earlier, think of how much people i could have saved by now? I can see my role in the world, slowly being well defined. Every person i met, either was less energetic or was in some state of sadness, and then i come in, without being asked, i teach people how to breath, how to see, how to feel, and how to fly.
I take people away from their chains, i break every little chain making then able to live again, no price asked. I end making new friends, precious ones, but, i notice then, theres a limit for what i can do.

Its ok, but, now, i noticed the rest of this small story.

All the friends i had in the past, each one, one by one, i took care, i raised then, i gave strengths, its alright, i did it because i wanted, i was not expecting any rewards for being a good person, rather, how i like to put it, a God(dess).
But gods are really only needed in times of woe, and, somehow, we bring a certain limitation, making, maybe, people unable to advance far on their own. I saw the success of many friends in what they wished for, and as longer as they stayed away from me, farther they would go.

While i give people strength, perhaps i am taking away something i cant notice.

People dont need gods to prosper, they need gods to get happy and moving on their own, beyond this point, slowly people tend to forget the gods, and, to them, the only option is becoming watchers, lonely tasting the bittersweet mix of happiness and loneliness that is left to them.

i dont know, i just feel that im slowly losing all, i feel good, i want to cry, i want to sleep, i dont feel my strength, i do my best everyday to keep my breath while being myself, and all, dont be mistaken, i am happy, i am just...

am i happy?

now i dont know anymore.

But i feel calm, i feel comfortable... i feel uh...

airy? like, i am made or air. 

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